BMCBusiness Mastery Course

Understanding how a company makes money greatly impacts the bottom line. Yet few are taught this at school, college, University or even in the work place.


Dawsongroup plc's first and very happy group of Business Mastery graduates
Dawsongroup plc’s first and very happy group of Business Mastery graduates

“an academy style-training environment that is fun and contemporary yet engaging and challenging”

Gillian first developed the Business Mastery course for the Dawsongroup plc to provide their staff clarity & knowledge on this subject to help them strengthen & accomplish their financial goals; be that targets, budgets or the Company’s overall profitability. Launched in October 2013 and ILM (City and Guilds Group) recognised in 2016, this programme teaches people about how a business is set up & runs.  

satisfied clients make us happy
Click here to read what Steve Miller, Group Chief Executive, Dawsongroup plc, thinks of the course!

The ‘in-house’ 2-day course is followed up with an exam one month later.

This is available in a programme format too.  Click here.

Interested?  Call us on 01904 778830, email or complete the form below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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