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Steve Miller, Group Chief Executive, Dawsongroup plc

“I have known Gillian in a work capacity for 24 years. During this time, she has delivered an extensive amount of training and consultancy for the divisions within Dawsongroup plc. I have always found her reliable, professional and capable with an impressive work ethic.

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Importantly for Dawsongroup plc, Gillian continues to this day to be trustworthy and a producer of quality work, which is why Gillian was my first choice to create and deliver our Business Mastery courses. Knowing she would approach the task using her characteristic logic and inimitable style, she would meet the remit. Gillian has designed, and continues to deliver, a series of modules in an academy style-training environment that is fun and contemporary yet engaging and challenging. It also encourages inter-divisional connections and diversity too, which is a bonus.

Initially intended to be a one-off course for delegates, we rapidly recognised a difference in behaviour, which has added real value. Since its launch in October 2013, the course proved a great success with lots of enthusiasm, so we invited Gillian to produce a three-level programme, which has now been introduced.

The Business Mastery Programme is now Dawsongroup’s in-house and on-going business studies programme that develops and prepares our employees for the day-to-day challenges of business”.

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