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Some of the companies we have worked with

Cleverdotsolutions was established in July 2001. As a boutique training and development consultancy, we’ve helped organisations to develop one of their greatest assets, their people.

We are a friendly and lively company who specialise in corporate business development, training services and training products and are proud of our refreshingly different approach. We use themes to add impact, group energisers such as authentic African tribal drumming to stimulate team bonding, and an array of services that are guaranteed to add sparkle and fun to the staff development arena. 

“Creativity and innovations are the hallmarks of our approach” says Gillian Tinney, Managing Director.  “We discovered a growing demand for something a bit different to help people develop their knowledge and skills. We’d been using our own training games and products that sit alongside and support the delivery of our own training for years. One too many of our delegates/students suggested that we start to produce and sell these so that other organisations, or enthusiasts, can use and benefit from these entertaining learning reinforcement tools as well. So that’s just what we’ve done!”

“the games are affordable and entertaining….useful for the business world or just for fun at home or on holiday!”

Using our vast experience, Cleverdotsolutions has created a number of excellent and affordable training games and learning tools on a variety of subjects including customer service, wines, spirits and wine service! Aimed at developing and reinforcing knowledge, these games are great fun and can be used in the business world or just for fun at home or perhaps on holiday!

“we even produce branded in-house versions too!”

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Gillian Tinney AIWS


Gillian, who originally hails from Scotland, is the Managing Director of Yorkshire based companies Cleverdotsolutions and Wine School of Excellence. Good fun and entertaining herself, Gillian has an easy, relaxed and friendly approach and character. Using her wealth of experience and knowledge in modern training techniques, she has an impressive track record at senior level with multi-national organisations both in the UK & abroad.

Even after 25 years, Gillian still loves and continues to deliver training and has been the inspiration, and creator, of all our games and study tools.

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