We’re discreet, professional and experienced

There’s nothing wrong at all with asking for help. A developing and growing business typically creates the need for change.

Cleverdotsolutions is an effective, trustworthy & affordable business consultant who would love to help you and ensure that you achieve your desired goals.

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Gillian at the team building taster event

Our consultants are discreet, professional and experienced with an array of talents, qualifications and skills that can help with the challenges and opportunities your business maybe facing.  With objectivity, we can genuinely help improve your processes and procedures, leadership management as well as your employee motivation, training and the all-important buy in.  Ron Godfrey, The Press’s Business Editor, experienced first-hand a fun ‘motivational’ team-building taster session Gillian Tinney delivered at the Hilton Hotel in York.  Ron published a great article on the event.

“Ron Godfrey, the Press’s Business Editor, experienced first hand a fun ‘motivational’ taster session”

We’re friendly and engaging

Crucially for us and our clients, our consultants are not only friendly and engaging, but articulate, analytical and perceptive with the capability of assisting you develop and motivate your team.  Importantly for their very consultative approach, they are great communicators with practical problem solving skills and abilities.  They will support and improve your business to achieve and sustain your long-term goals.

“we have never, ever, not fulfilled a brief”


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Gillian adds, “We are hard ‘task maskers’ on ourselves and have never, ever, not fulfilled a brief.  I’m extremely proud of the long-lasting and productive relationships we have built with our clients”.

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