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wine charades is a great energy raising game!

wine charades is a great fun card game. There are 3 levels of cards so you just need to load the bag with whichever level or levels you want to play with. In the time allotted, 3 minutes using the smiley face sand-timer, give your teammates as many clues to the content of as many cards as you possibly can.  

created and produced in yorkshireAll the cards at each level feature wine related words. Without saying the actual word(s) on the cards, all you do is give as many clues to your teammates so they can guess exactly what is on them. This can be done by speaking, demonstrating or acting out, or whatever, to point your team in the right direction. Clues are clues so they can be non-wine related as well, some of the funniest will be, just as long as you don’t say the actual words on the cards. The more you get through the higher the score for your team. Why not give bonus points for the most entertaining too!! 

3 minute smiley sand-timer included to let you know when your turn is up!

Everyone takes a turn and the team with the highest score wins this energising good fun wine card game. It will raise energy levels and entertain and no doubt have you in stitches!  Created by an accredited Wine Educator, it’s an ideal way to improve your knowledge on wine styles, key grapes and wines from around the world. Apart from having a good time playing it, the more intrigued you are the more you will learn!

novice & pros can play together…”

Novice and pros can play together and it’s perfect entertainment for dinner parties, holidays, Christmas, New Year, Apès-ski and much much more.

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Every step of the way, our mission has been to create luxury and prestige products with a contemporary look, style and feel, without compromise. wine charades has been no different and we’ve paid close attention to every detail and kept a focus on quality components and content.

 our mission has been to create luxury & prestige products with a contemporary look, style & feel, without compromise”

Preferably playing in teams, there are 3 levels of cards.  Each colour coded level has a mix of easy, moderate and harder wine related words, places, phrases etc on them: –

  • Level 1 for everyone
  • Level 2 more intermediate
  • Level 3 more advanced

IMG_0149In brief

  • For age 16+
  • Play, learn and develop your wine understanding in a fun environment
  • Join in with no wine knowledge or lots of knowledge!
  • 3 Levels of cards
  • Work in equal sized teams
  • One person too many? Great you’ve got an ideal neutral score and time keeper!
  • Everyone takes a 3-minute turn
  • In the allotted time and without saying the words, communicate what’s on as many cards as possible to your team mates
  • With hours and hours of content, you can play for as long as you want or until each team member has had a go!

The team with the highest cumulative score wins!

Who is it aimed at? wine charades is ideal for wine enthusiast as well as the drinks and hospitality industry.  Your training days will never be the same again!  

your training days will never be the same”


  • 300 Cards (3 levels)
  • Drawstring bag
  • 3-minute (approximate) sand timer
  • 1 Dice
  • Instructions guide
  • Score pad
Weight: 0.725kgs
Warning: Small parts. Keep away from small children