MTPManagement Training Programme 

Gillian originally wrote this 2-year comprehensive & user friendly programme for Dawsongroup plc. It is aimed at attracting graduate or talented individuals with a ‘can do’ attitude.

The MTP Programme was originally written for the Dawsongroup plc

The programme properly nurtures and develops new talent’s leadership potential, ambition and aspiration for the long-term benefit of both the individual and the company.

Designed to identify, develop, and retain talent, this 2-year Management Training Programme (MTP) is an effective, comprehensive and essential framework to equip Management Trainees with the right knowledge, skills and experience in the early years of their career.

With a strong emphasis on practical skills, the programme comprises of formal training with a series of planned rotations and placements spanning across the business. Each rotation/placement has a set of specific learning objectives where the trainee has to demonstrate their competencies.

Support and coaching feature throughout.

Interested?  Just call us on 01904 778830 or email or complete the box below. We’d love to hear from you.

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