playing our own trumpetHere’s the bit where we blow our own trumpet!!

Catherine Hannaway, Leadership Development Specialist, Facilitator & Executive Coach, Durham University

“Gillian has an outstanding wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in wines and spirits and demonstrates a genuine passion for all that she does. 

Having participated on one of her WSET courses, I can highly recommend her for her outstanding organisational skills and her professionalism in the design and delivery of the course. Gillian’s delivery style is of exceptionally high quality, whilst ensuring course participants get the information and a breadth of experience in ‘tasting’ etc. that they need. Her patience is remarkable and her charm and good humour make the learning a good and rewarding experience.

“Gillian’s delivery style is of exceptionally high quality”

I really hope I will get the opportunity to work with and learn from Gillian again in the future. So, lets celebrate Gillian’s achievements and her students’ exam results”.

Sallie Crenshaw, Vice-President, Shell International

“Thank you for inviting me to the Team Leader Academy in Vienna.  I was very impressed with the energy and enthusiasm that the TLs (team leaders) brought to the workshop.

“my congratulations to Nicky and Gillian as superb trainers”

……………my congratulations to the world-class TLs and to Nicky and Gillian as superb trainers”.

Ron Godrey, Evening Press Business Editor

“This month’s York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce lunch gave a good example of the type of team-building exercise.

With an ear-battering explosion of pigskin power and an ayee! or three, entrepreneurs in York and North Yorkshire literally drummed up business at the tribal pinstriped pow-wow at the Hilton Hotel in York.

First came the sedate European-style exchange of business cards, then at the climax of stirring recorded Lion King chantings the ferocious kerbloom of firecracker pyrotechnics triggered the savage pummelling of South African drums from business people who had formed themselves into tabletop tribes.

The transformation was orchestrated by Cleverdotsolutions Ltd’s Gillian Tinney, who appointed a tribal chief for each table to orchestrate their own fusillade of hand-fluttering.

“In the five years I have regularly attended Chamber lunches this was by far the most enjoyable”

She was illustrating the fact that one of the main criteria for creating motivated business teams is a sense of fun. Hence the need for the competing tabletop tribes to create their own name identity. The result: Battling it out on the bongos included the likes of Mojo, the Chamber Pots, the Sexy Stallions, the Phakawi, the Wannabee Survivors and the Chamber Cheetahs. Listening carefully to them was Ron Godfrey, South African-born Evening Press business editor, who crowned himself with his own personal grass-woven Basuto hat, sign of a great chief judge. He transferred the headgear to Andrew Thompson, of York chartered accountants Garbutt & Elliott, who as chief of the Virgin on the Ridiculous table tribe, proved that he and his ten-person team could beat the drum for England – and earn a tiny teddy bear and a bottle of white wine for each of them, courtesy of the Hilton”.

“It was amazing how all that drumming soothed the savage brow and transformed us briefly from worriers to warriors,” said attendee Andrew.  “In the five years I have regularly attended Chamber lunches this was by far the most enjoyable.”

Steve Miller, Group Chief Executive, Dawsongroup plc

“I have known Gillian in a work capacity for 24 years. During this time, she has delivered an extensive amount of training and consultancy for the divisions within Dawsongroup plc. I have always found her reliable, professional and capable with an impressive work ethic.

“I have always found her (Gillian) reliable, professional and capable with an impressive work ethic”

Importantly for Dawsongroup plc, Gillian continues to this day to be trustworthy and a producer of quality work, which is why Gillian was my first choice to create and deliver our Business Mastery courses. Knowing she would approach the task using her characteristic logic and inimitable style, she would meet the remit. Gillian has designed, and continues to deliver, a series of modules in an academy style-training environment that is fun and contemporary yet engaging and challenging. It also encourages inter-divisional connections and diversity too, which is a bonus.

Initially intended to be a one-off course for delegates, we rapidly recognised a difference in behaviour, which has added real value. Since its launch in October 2013, the course proved a great success with lots of enthusiasm, so we invited Gillian to produce a three-level programme, which has now been introduced.

The Business Mastery Programme is now Dawsongroup’s in-house and on-going business studies programme that develops and prepares our employees for the day-to-day challenges of business”.

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